Rhythm & Rhyme Tyme & Mister Marty

"My mission is to educate children through the medium of music"  Mr. Marty
Mr. Marty

Rhythm & Rhyme Tyme is a children's music teaching company started by Mister Marty to spread the fun and joy of musical education to kids around the country!  You can sign up for a FREE MUSIC CLASS to see our progran first hand, Or you can enjoy the Mister Marty Show DVD or CD's that he has produced for children!




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"The Mister Marty Show" DVD
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Mister Marty's 32 minute video choked full of colorful animation and cool special effects!

There's Only One Mister Marty!

The New Mister Marty CD!

33 traditional songs that you and your children will recognize and enjoy!
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Mister Marty, 1201 Creekwood Ct. Windsor, Colorado 80550, 1-866-993-4141 or (970-227-1331 outside of Colorado)

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